Month: September 2020

Over A Million AMRs For Order Fulfillment To Be Installed By End Of 2024

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are arguably one of the most exciting technologies in the robot market. They are differentiated from the other key technology in...

/ September 29, 2020

New China Policy Could Lead To An Additional 700,000 Hybrid Medium- And Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles Registered This Decade

In Interact Analysis’ latest insight, we discussed what the impact of the Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Roadmap (version 2) will be on...

/ September 28, 2020

China’s Fundamental Shift In Its Electrified Vehicle Road Map Will Turbocharge The Global Hybrid Vehicle Market

Last week on the 16th September, Wang Binggang, head of the National New Energy Vehicle Innovation Engineering Project Expert Group, revealed at the 2nd Global...

/ September 25, 2020

Taiwanese Manufacturing Output Has Major Growth Ahead: A MIO Case Study

Here at Interact Analysis, we pride ourselves in providing a deep, data-driven analysis of the economic performance… historical, present, and predicted… of a wide range...

/ September 21, 2020

The Mobile Robot Market – 3rd Edition

3rd edition of the well-respected Interact Analysis market report providing insight and analysis into the mobile robot industry.

/ September 18, 2020
Is ammonia the next zero emission fuel

Is Ammonia The Next Zero Emission Fuel?

Wherever market analysts gather in dark corners to discuss the future of transportation, the conversation invariably turns to the choice of powertrain or fuel. Hybrid?...

/ September 18, 2020

China’s Manufacturing Industry in 2020 and Beyond

Along with our recently published Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker August update, we also provide a deeper insight into the largest manufacturing site – China....

/ September 17, 2020

3 Mistakes Truck OEMs Are Making With Their Electrification Strategies

Mistakes will slow down deployment Focus on infrastructure, operational support Take the time to design system level efficiency The electrification of medium and heavy-duty trucks...

/ September 16, 2020

India Has The World’s 6th Largest Manufacturing Output – But What Does The Future Hold?

This insight offers readers another example of the depth of industrial data Interact Analysis offers industrial planners and strategists, via our Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO)...

/ September 10, 2020