Month: October 2020

The Geared Motors & Industrial (Heavy-Duty) Gears Market

The most detailed and granular assessment of the market available globally - clearly segmenting light-duty geared motors and solo gearboxes from planetary and heavy-duty products.

/ October 29, 2020

Post COVID-19: A Brave New World For The Commercial Vehicle Market

The first half of 2020 saw cities locked down, production halted, roads emptied of vehicles, clear, unpolluted skies, and a realisation among many that we...

/ October 28, 2020

COVID-19: A Sledgehammer To The Apparel Market; A Turbocharger For eCommerce

Market research company Interact Analysis’s series of insights based on their deeply researched report on the automation industry continues with a look at the apparel...

/ October 27, 2020

Mobile Robot Competition Intensifies as Start-Ups Grow Up

The market for AGV’s and AMRs – or mobile robots as we collectively call them – grew by a staggering 27% last year and we predict it will continue growing at...

/ October 22, 2020

Qumra’s $55M Bet on Augury Makes Smart Sense!

US based Augury, a turn-key predictive maintenance and smart sensor supplier, announced last week that it has secured $55 million in series D funding from...

/ October 20, 2020

Why Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Have A Key Advantage In The Race Towards Same-Day Delivery

In our latest in-depth report on automation, our experts at Interact Analysis have focussed on warehousing, shining a light on key sectors such as groceries,...

/ October 15, 2020

The Low Voltage Motor Drive Market Infographic

Interact Analysis recently published the third edition of our annual study covering the low voltage AC drives market.  The below infographic demonstrates some of the...

/ October 12, 2020

The Future of Warehouse Automation – 2nd Edition

2nd edition of the well-respected Interact Analysis market report providing insight and analysis into the warehouse automation industry

/ October 9, 2020

Critical Role For Fuel Cell Buses In Emission Reduction

It is often remarked that fuel cell vehicles are always five years away owing to the fact that there’s been several fuel cell ‘hype cycles’...

/ October 8, 2020