Robotics & Warehouse Automation September 2021

Airport Logistics Automation – Sep 2021

Jamie Fox
Jamie Fox

Jamie has over 15 years experience in market intelligence covering components for commercial vehicles including electric vehicles. He holds a BSc in Physics and Astronomy and an MSc in Nanoscale Science and Technology. Jamie is based in Chile.

Interact Analysis have recently released a new report – Airport Logistics Automation. The below infographic demonstrates some of our key findings.

Global passenger traffic fell 61% in 2020 and traffic in 2021 will only be slightly higher than 2020 but still well below the 2019 level.

The infographic is also available to download in PDF here

Airport Logistics Automation Infographic

– Global passenger traffic in 2020 fell 61% compared with 2019. Traffic in 2021 will be only slightly higher than 2020 and still well below the 2019 level.

– The market size for airport logistics automation was $3 billion in 2019 and $2.8 billion in 2020

– Vanderlande, Siemens, Daifuku and Beumer are the four big players that dominate the market for airport logistics automation, particularly in the area of BHS hardware.

– Adoption of self bag drop systems is currently limited but revenues are forecast to grow from $62 million in 2020 to $154 million in 2025

– The countries with the highest total sales of airport logistics automation are by a clear margin the US (22% of airport logistics automation revenue in 2021) and China (15%). Europe is slightly higher than the US (26%).

– COVID-19 will have an extremely limited impact on the way that things are done technologically. But one noticeable effect of the virus is that it has given a bit more momentum to self bag drop and ideas for more intelligent baggage retrieval, such as lockers where you can get your luggage by scanning your boarding pass.