Airport Logistics Automation –  Sep 2021

Airport Logistics Automation – Sep 2021

A must-have tool for anyone involved in the storage and movement of baggage within terminal buildings.

“Airport Logistics Automation equipment sales in 2020 only fell slightly even as passenger numbers crashed, demonstrating some stability in this market. Cargo traffic is actually at record levels. Growth in automation over the coming years will be driven by Asia Pacific, especially China, and by modern technologies such as ICS (Individual Carrier Systems) and Self Bag Drop Systems.” 

Built on primary research with input from major suppliers, the first edition of our airport logistics automation report has become a must-have tool for anyone involved in the storage and movement of baggage within terminal buildings. The key goal of this research is to eliminate uncertainties surrounding product development/marketing initiatives by presenting an index or benchmarking business performance against competitors and the broader market.

This report is produced using detailed primary research. Our meticulous methodology, based on hour-long, first person interviews with key industry stakeholders, uncovers new insights that cannot be found anywhere else. We go directly to source and incentivize companies to report data to us by sharing top-level findings in return for reported data and interviews.

What's in the report?

Detailed market size and forecast data by type and size of investment and product
In-depth discussion of key issues impacting the market
Supplier market shares for airport logistics automation
Insight into key emerging trends and qualitative insights
Credible forecasts to 2025

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