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Alastair has over 10 years’ experience leading research activities in scaled, high-growth industrial and technology markets. At Interact Analysis he is responsible for electric trucks and buses, autonomous trucks and off-highway electrification. Read More

Post-COVID Rebound Predicted For Off-Highway Vehicle Sector As Pent-Up Demand Is Unleashed; Increase In Electrification Forecast For Smaller Machinery.

As global economies continue to reel from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccine roll-out gives us reason for optimism. The talk now is...

/ March 10, 2021

The Off-Highway Vehicle Market – Feb 2021

Detailed analysis and discussion on the off-highway vehicle market, including global vehicle powertrain forecast.

/ February 23, 2021

The Electric Bus Market – Infographic

Interact Analysis has recently published its Hybrid and Electric Trucks and Buses – 2nd Edition, and Electrified Truck and Bus Powertrain Pricing and Architecture reports....

/ February 15, 2021

2020 sees strong performance for Agricultural Machinery; Electrification is growing but will remain niche

From a global perspective, the agricultural machinery market has had an uneven 2020, owing to significant regional variations in weather, climate, economic conditions and Covid-19...

/ February 2, 2021

Financing The EV Delivery Van Boom

As we peer out of the gloom of the COVID-19 pandemic, have any lessons been learned? It would appear they have. Or maybe those lessons...

/ January 28, 2021

Are We Reaching Peak Combustion Engine Sales in the Commercial Vehicle Market?

Peak sales of ICEs to happen soon in some markets  Battery electric powertrains to drive replacement, but hydrogen fuel cell important too  Expect ‘minimally’ viable investments...

/ November 26, 2020
Is ammonia the next zero emission fuel

Is Ammonia The Next Zero Emission Fuel?

Wherever market analysts gather in dark corners to discuss the future of transportation, the conversation invariably turns to the choice of powertrain or fuel. Hybrid?...

/ September 18, 2020

3 Mistakes Truck OEMs Are Making With Their Electrification Strategies

Mistakes will slow down deployment Focus on infrastructure, operational support Take the time to design system level efficiency The electrification of medium and heavy-duty trucks...

/ September 16, 2020

Lighter Than Air: The Rise Of Nikola And The Age Of Hydrogen

It is often remarked that the hydrogen economy is always 10 years away. Well, for once, this is right. A number of factors – technology...

/ July 15, 2020