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Blake has worked as a Market Analyst at Interact Analysis since 2017. Covering the markets for low voltage AC motor drives, predictive maintenance, and mobile hydraulics, Blake has developed expertise in automation systems, industrial digitalization, and off highway-electrification.

Qumra’s $55M Bet on Augury Makes Smart Sense!

US based Augury, a turn-key predictive maintenance and smart sensor supplier, announced last week that it has secured $55 million in series D funding from...

/ October 20, 2020

Low Voltage AC Motor Drives – the State of Play for 2020 and Beyond

Interact Analysis is about to release the 2020 report for the low voltage motor drives market. This insight will give an overview of the state...

/ August 13, 2020

Decentralized Drives: The Trend That Has Yet To Crack America

It’s a common question among drive system builders; is it better to house drives together in cabinets for simplified maintenance and integration, or to have...

/ July 21, 2020

Three Key Points in Understanding Why Predictive Maintenance is Growing Exponentially

Interact Analysis has just published a report titled The Market for Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems and is currently scheduling briefings with companies interested...

/ May 4, 2020

Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems – 2020

Helping identify the opportunity that exists for emerging predictive maintenance technology

/ May 1, 2020

COVID-19 Could Force Quicker Adoption of New Predictive Maintenance Service Models

The methods for performing predictive maintenance on motor driven systems are evolving. As these methods evolve, so should the business model of service providers offering...

/ March 26, 2020

Predictive Maintenance: Primed for Growth

Modern predictive maintenance systems provide a vast amount of analytical data, upon which critical actions can be carried out before they actually become critical. Here...

/ March 6, 2020

There is a New Behemoth in Hydraulics

Acquisition means Danfoss over-take Bosch to become global #1 mobile hydraulics vendor With acquisition, Danfoss is the 2nd largest supplier of industrial hydraulics globally Danfoss...

/ January 24, 2020

The Low Voltage AC Motor Drive Market – 2019

The trend of decentralization in manufacturing continues to manifest in the low voltage AC motor drive market. Limited cabinet space, increased demand for modularity, and...

/ December 12, 2019