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Graduating from Durham University with a first-class degree in Biochemistry, Rueben is leveraging his background in science and computer modelling by joining our growing analyst team.

AutoStore’s Valuation Is Up 305% Since 2019 As SoftBank Acquires A 40% Stake

Founded in 1996, AutoStore is a Norwegian warehouse automation vendor specialising in ultra-high density storage systems. Ultra-high density storage systems use a swarm of robots...

/ April 7, 2021

Early Morning Delivery: A Roaring eCommerce Trend In South Korea

While many countries registered huge death tolls during the COVID-19 pandemic, South Korea has remained a beacon of good practice, its rigorous test, track and...

/ April 1, 2021

Electric Commercial Vehicles: How Will The Biden Administration Impact The Market?

Earlier this month, we updated the Interact Analysis global hybrid and electric truck and bus forecast to reflect the change of US administration, along with...

/ March 24, 2021

What Does The Future Hold For Micro-Fulfillment Centers?

As consumers shift towards online shopping, retailers have been tasked with the audacious task of fulfilling orders in a profitable manner whilst simultaneously reducing the...

/ February 24, 2021

The Rise of Material Handling Systems (MHS)

Earlier this month, Material Handling Systems (MHS) announced it was acquiring TGW’s US conveyor business. This marks the latest in a spree of acquisitions resulting in MHS becoming...

/ January 26, 2021

Fulfillment-as-a-Service: A Promising New Avenue for Automation Vendors?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit economies across the world, the focus on automation in eCommerce is becoming sharper. In times like these, with...

/ January 12, 2021

Robotic Micro-fulfillment Centres (MFC) – Infographic

Interact Analysis has recently published its Automated Micro-fulfillment Centres market report. The below infographic demonstrates some of the key findings. Micro-fulfillment is a fulfillment strategy...

/ January 12, 2021

Automated Micro-Fulfillment Centres

An in-depth analysis of the automated micro-fulfillment centre market.

/ January 5, 2021

Centralized Or Micro-Fulfillment: One Fulfillment Strategy To Rule Them All?

In recent years, the concept of micro-fulfillment has gained significant traction. The expectation of same-day delivery is putting pressure on the centralized fulfilment model which...

/ December 11, 2020