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Tim has nearly 20 years’ experience in technology market intelligence with expertise across a broad range of industrial automation technologies and industries. Tim is now Research Director and Principal Analyst for the Interact Analysis Industrial Technology team, using his considerable experience to develop best-in-class research for the manufacturing sector. Read More

Focusing-in On The Geared Motors And Solo Gearbox Market

Interact Analysis recently produced its first report on the geared motors and industrial gearbox market, covering the full spectrum – geared motors, solo gearboxes, industrial...

/ December 16, 2020

Geared Motors and Industrial (Heavy Duty) Gears Infographic

Interact Analysis has recently published its Geared Motors and Industrial (Heavy-Duty) Gears – 2020 market report. The below infographic demonstrates some of the key findings....

/ November 16, 2020

Geared Motors And Industrial Gears Market Predicted To Make Significant, Though Uneven, Recovery After COVID-19 Black Swan Event

Manufacturing across the board is reeling from pandemic-induced shut-downs, interrupted supply-chains, staff shortages, lack of investment and consequent slashed order-books. Some sectors will take years...

/ November 4, 2020

The Geared Motors & Industrial (Heavy-Duty) Gears Market

The most detailed and granular assessment of the market available globally - clearly segmenting light-duty geared motors and solo gearboxes from planetary and heavy-duty products.

/ October 29, 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on the Motion Controls Market

Interact Analysis recently updated its forecasts illustrating the possible impact of COVID-19 on the motion controls market. The below infographic demonstrates some of the key...

/ June 26, 2020

COVID-19: Motion Control Market Being Hit Hard, But CNC To Fare Far Worse Than GMC

In November 2019, Interact Analysis published its report which analysed prospects for the motion control market. This report gave reasons for optimism within the sector,...

/ May 27, 2020

The Motion Control Market: Global and Regional Perspectives

Our recent study on the motion control market shows that, despite a small decline in 2019 of 3.8%, the market will grow strongly to exceed...

/ January 23, 2020

Single-Cable Servo Motor Market to Grow to $4.3 Billion by 2028

A clear trend in servo technology is the move towards employing single-cable connections to link a servo motor and servo drive. Typically, this has required...

/ January 8, 2020

The Motion Controls Market – 2019

Although the motion control market may be considered fairly mature there are important trends impacting its future growth, helping drive revenues at an above average...

/ December 19, 2019