Battery Manufacturing Equipment - Apr 2022

Battery Manufacturing Equipment - Apr 2022

Includes an analysis of production and supply of Lithium-Ion batteries

Using both primary and secondary research, the report includes a detailed database of battery suppliers and existing and planned manufacturing plants around the world. Our analysis of the battery supply
side and the current and likely future demand from end users helped us identify imbalances and assisted us in modeling forecasts for demand for battery manufacturing equipment.

Containing the high-level Li-ion battery production and supply numbers and a highly-detailed database with an in-depth analysis of lithium-ion battery manufacturing equipment.

What’s in the report?

In-depth analysis of the battery manufacturing market with complimentary research on lithium-ion batteries to ensure accurate trends.
A battery Pack Supplier Analysis and a comprehensive database on all known producers of lithium-ion batteries and battery equipment.
Detailed analysis of the battery production market by region and by machine type
Extensive 105-page report with Excel database and pivot tables and a Power BI dashboard for easy reference

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