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Industrial Robot Market To Return To Growth: 4.6% CAGR Forecast For 2021-2024

Recent news for the industrial robots market hasn’t been cheering, but the future for the sector looks good, with global shipments forecast to increase by...

/ March 1, 2021

Global Manufacturing Output – Asian Recovery Powers Ahead; But Performance Differs Vastly By Sector

Interact Analysis’s latest quarterly update of its Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker is published this February. One year into the pandemic, and the dust is...

/ February 23, 2021
Manufacturing Industry Outlook - 2017

Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker

Global Industry & Machinery Production Data & Forecasts - Features Impact of COVID-19

/ February 22, 2021

Packaging and Predictive Maintenance – Executive Whitepaper

The term predictive maintenance has been widely used in recent years although there is no agreed industry-wide definition. The result is that some people may...

/ January 26, 2021

Amazon’s New Predictive Maintenance Offering is Cutting Edge

On December 1st, 2020, Amazon announced a suite of new AWS machine learning services. To many, this announcement appeared to be Amazon’s launching off point...

/ January 14, 2021

Focusing-in On The Geared Motors And Solo Gearbox Market

Interact Analysis recently produced its first report on the geared motors and industrial gearbox market, covering the full spectrum – geared motors, solo gearboxes, industrial...

/ December 16, 2020

Manufacturing Output In The Covid World: Interact Analysis Shines A Light On Argentina

In a major widening of the scope of its Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker, Interact Analysis has brought a new country into its stable. The...

/ December 1, 2020

Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker November Infographic

We have recently released our latest update of the Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker for November. The below infographic demonstrates some of our key findings...

/ December 1, 2020

Manufacturing Output: China And US To Lead The Way In Accelerated Global Recovery From COVID-19 Shock

This month, Interact Analysis publishes its latest quarterly update of the Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker, and it makes interesting reading. As pharmaceuticals companies Pfizer...

/ November 20, 2020