Category: Industrial Automation

The Geared Motors & Industrial (Heavy-Duty) Gears Market

The most detailed and granular assessment of the market available globally - clearly segmenting light-duty geared motors and solo gearboxes from planetary and heavy-duty products.

/ October 29, 2020

Qumra’s $55M Bet on Augury Makes Smart Sense!

US based Augury, a turn-key predictive maintenance and smart sensor supplier, announced last week that it has secured $55 million in series D funding from...

/ October 20, 2020

The Low Voltage Motor Drive Market Infographic

Interact Analysis recently published the third edition of our annual study covering the low voltage AC drives market.  The below infographic demonstrates some of the...

/ October 12, 2020

Brazil – The Outstanding Economy In South America

This insight on manufacturing in Brazil is the 4th in a series looking at different countries as they weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission at...

/ October 7, 2020

Taiwanese Manufacturing Output Has Major Growth Ahead: A MIO Case Study

Here at Interact Analysis, we pride ourselves in providing a deep, data-driven analysis of the economic performance… historical, present, and predicted… of a wide range...

/ September 21, 2020

China’s Manufacturing Industry in 2020 and Beyond

Along with our recently published Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO) Tracker August update, we also provide a deeper insight into the largest manufacturing site – China....

/ September 17, 2020

India Has The World’s 6th Largest Manufacturing Output – But What Does The Future Hold?

This insight offers readers another example of the depth of industrial data Interact Analysis offers industrial planners and strategists, via our Manufacturing Industry Output (MIO)...

/ September 10, 2020

Are We Really Headed For A Post-Covid Green Recovery?

All the signs are there, but progress across the world will be uneven… As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, governments across the world took drastic...

/ September 3, 2020

COVID-19: The Global Impact on Industry. Now and Going Forward.

Here at Interact Analysis, our function is to equip industrial planners and strategists with a reliable, data-driven analysis of the past, current and projected industrial...

/ August 25, 2020