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China’s Manufacturing Industry in 2018

Maya Xiao
Maya Xiao

Maya has an interdisciplinary technical background in vehicle electrification, system automation and robotics. Based in China, she is the lead analyst for Interact Analysis’ Li-ion battery and forklift research, also covering markets for industrial and collaborative robots.

The development of China’s manufacturing industry has always been given great attention. However, it is not easy to interpret market movements and truly understand the changes in various industries. This market, which appears to have huge opportunities, is often full of uncertainties.

The infographic below highlights some of the key takeaways from our China Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker report, which can give you a macro impression of the past, present and future of Chinese manufacturing performance.

China's Manufacturing Industry 2018 Infographic

The infographic is also available to download here.

China accounted for nearly 50% of global manufacturing output in 2017 and predicted to have the highest CAGR of 7.16% over next 5 years.
China’s manufacturing industry output has risen 339% in the past decade, reached CNY 112.6 trillion in 2017.
In Q2 2018, China’s manufacturing PMI stabilized at around 51.6% (51.4% in April, 51.9% in May, 51.2% in June). The sub-indexes also showed a downward trend: new export orders index, finished goods inventory index and raw materials inventory index all dropped in the red.
The biggest driving force for China’s economic growth is domestic consumption. In 2017, China’s social retail sales totaled CNY 36.6 trillion, in contrast, the exports to the US were CNY2.9 trillion.
Over the past decade, the 10 largest industrial industries in China have not changed (i.e. Metals Production; Electrical & Electronic Production; Food & Beverage Production; Chemical & Pharmaceutical Production; Automotive Production; Textile Production; Aggregates Production; Semiconductors & Electronics Components; Equipment & Goods Production; Rubber & Plastics Production).
In 2017, these 10 largest industries had a total value of CNY 96.7 trillion, accounted for 86.9% of China’s manufacturing industry output, roughly the same ratio in 2007(86.6%).
Metal Production had the largest volume and highest growth rate in 2017 and forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% over the next 5 years.

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The above analysis is taken from a new Interact Analysis report – “China Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker”. This tracker offers an analysis of China’s manufacturing sector’s performance in more than 90 end user industries and machinery sectors, with historical data from 2007 and a five-year forecast to 2022. Together with quarterly qualitative insight presenting up-to-date analysis of important topics, industry events and news.

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