Collaborative Robots – Apr 2022

Collaborative Robots – Apr 2022

4th edition of our well-respected market study providing insight and analysis into the collaborative robot market

Collaborative robots are an important part of intelligent manufacturing and an effective complement to lean production. They’ve enjoyed a spike in popularity over the past few years, benefitting from the push towards automation in industry and constant downward pressure on costs. But which industries will drive growth for collaborative robots in the next five years? What will be the pricing trends as volumes rise? How will collaborative robots complement or influence the traditional industrial robot market? What is the potential for collaborative robots in non-manufacturing fields?

This report answers these and other key questions facing the industry today.

What's in the report?

Market size and forecasts for collaborative robot with detailed segmentation
Five-year forecasts to 2026 presented throughout, with high-level forecasts to 2030
Key trends and market drivers' analysis provided by region, industry and application
New technology and trend analysis
Market shares and rankings of leading collaborative robot companies in 2020 and 2021
~20 profiles of leading collaborative robot manufacturers

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