Commercial Vehicle Market Research

Commercial Vehicle Market Research

Commercial vehicles – those used for transporting goods, people or providing a service – are the backbone of every economy. Historically, the commercial vehicle market has changed relatively slowly. Fleet owners are typically cost conscious and slow to adopt new technologies. However, with increasing vehicle connectivity, automation and electrification, the pace of change is accelerating in the commercial vehicle market.

Interact Analysis is the new benchmark for intelligence for the commercial vehicle market. With extensive industry experience, focus on in-depth primary research and sophisticated modelling techniques, Interact Analysis is bringing new insight and perspective to help you manage your organisation at a time of increasing change and uncertainty.

Why Interact Analysis?

Our philosophy when conducting market intelligence is epitomized by our name. We believe that, to generate the most informative and accurate view, it’s vital that we interact extensively with the industry. During our research, we seek out and establish new measurements through primary analysis. Our collective experience of market dynamics and knowledge of information sourcing means that we always provide the most up-to-date and accurate information with, meaningful insights.

Our team has a wealth of experience in technology-based research and a passion for providing actionable intelligence to the market. The Intelligent Automation industry is rapidly changing, without real insight or understanding of this evolution. We wanted to create a new client experience by leveraging our expertise to meet your needs. That is why we founded Interact Analysis.

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How is our commercial vehicle research different?

Existing forecast providers are focused on consensus, not accuracy. Interact Analysis thinks there is an opportunity to better support the commercial vehicle market. Existing forecasts are based on simplistic models: seasonality and economic growth are the two dominant factors used by forecast providers to project the market forward.

At Interact Analysis we think that a range of other factors – autonomy, electrification, light-weighting, ecommerce – will substantially change market dynamics and the complexity of forecasting. We will provide a fresh perspective on the commercial vehicle market by providing insight and intelligence in a way never seen before.

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Recent Commercial Vehicle Insights and Reports

Hybrid and Electric Commercial Vehicles

Diesel has been the fuel of choice for the commercial vehicle industry for decades. Diesel engine technology is mature and fuel prices are low. Even with new emission standards every few years, OEMs and suppliers have been able to improve engine efficiency and reduce harmful emissions by engineering new, diesel-based solutions.

However, in recent years, there has been a rapidly growing market for hybrid and electric trucks and buses. Many urban areas are looking to zero-emission public transport and delivery vehicles to improve air quality for residents. Often these urban areas are pushing ahead of regional and national emission standard norms. Additionally, many fleets are starting to examine the potential for hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce total cost of ownership and improve the profitability of freight operations.

Interact Analysis can help your organisation to understand the following:

  • How many hybrid and electric trucks will be sold now and in the next 5 years? Where will they be sold?
  • Globally, which urban areas will pursue low and zero emission zones?
  • What strategy will each OEM and supplier pursue? What impact will start-ups have?
  • What design choices will be made? Hybrid? Battery electric? Hydrogen fuel cell?
  • What will happen with sub-components like batteries? What cell chemistry and design will be used? What will happen to price?

Electric Truck and Bus Orders
Specifications of electric off-highway vehicles
Electric Truck Market Analysis

Autonomous Commercial Vehicles

Automated and autonomous vehicles – those that assist drivers and those that replace drivers – are set to revolutionise the transportation industry. Beginning with advanced safety features – like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning – and moving to vehicle platooning and full self-driving solutions, the commercial vehicle market will transform into a fully digital industry.

Interact Analysis can help your organisation to understand the following:

  • How many automated and autonomous commercial vehicles will be deployed?
  • How the legislative and regulatory situation develop?
  • What will the impact be on truck volumes, driver numbers and the future of freight?
  • What strategy will each OEM and supplier pursue? What impact will start-ups have?

Vocational Commercial Vehicles

Vocational vehicles – those used for a specific task or activity – are often overlooked in commercial vehicle market research. However, annual global sales of vocational vehicles (such as dump trucks, mixers or fire engines) are 500,000 units and they are often high-value products involving additional manufacturing and supply chain partners. Growth in vocational segments is often driven by industry-specific factors – such as agricultural production and investment – and not broad macro factors like GDP growth or fuel price. Interact Analysis has deep knowledge of global industrial production which is used to support our vocational vehicle forecasts.

Interact Analysis can help your organisation to understand the following:

  • How many vocational vehicles will be sold now and in the next 5 years?
  • What types of vocational vehicles will be sold and where?
  • What is driving certain vocational segments?
Global commercial vehicle sales forecast
Global vocational vehicle sales forecast
Global industrial production forecast

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