Automotive Design, Test and Simulation Solutions Market - Jan 2020
Report Author - Alastair Hayfield

The automotive design, test and simulation solutions market is, to a degree, a new concept created by Interact Analysis. It combines traditional software design tools such as product lifecycle management (PLM) with test solutions and new, advanced simulation tools being used to model autonomous vehicles and their behaviour.

The overall market is being driven aggressively to new highs by three automotive megatrends – electrification, autonomy and new mobility models. Vehicle electrification requires a complete overhaul of powertrain architecture and significant testing of new components such as batteries. Vehicle autonomy requires that self-driving behaviors be tested/simulated against thousands of scenarios over millions of miles to ensure complete safety. New mobility models – how cars are owned and used – opens an array of new design possibilities for the interior layout, the  infotainment system and exterior design.

Utilizing a rigorous primary research methodology, Interact Analysis has completed interviews with over 30 vendors in the market to accurately size the market, determine key trends and  produce a realistic market forecast. It is the first study to incorporate autonomous vehicle simulation software and the inter-play between test solutions and design solutions.

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Posted by Alastair Hayfield

Alastair has over 10 years’ experience leading research activities in scaled, high-growth industrial and technology markets. At Interact Analysis he is responsible for electric trucks and buses, autonomous trucks and off-highway electrification. Read More