Autonomous Trucks - Nov 2018
Report Author - Alastair Hayfield

Autonomous Truck Market

We’re at the beginning of a long and irreversible trend toward automation within the truck market.Legislation and societal acceptance provide market headwinds and competitive pressure, logistics efficiency and safety provide significant forward momentum for the autonomous truck market. Platooning, an ‘efficiency’ automation provides the basis for initial market growth, particularly in the US and Western Europe. However, as technology is proven, and effective legislation enacted, higher levels of automation that lessen the need for drivers will be adopted for the autonomous truck. These higher levels of automation that bring the principles of factory automation – electrification, constant ‘product’ flow and autonomy – to the road, will gain traction after 2030 and revolutionise the truck and logistics market.

The Autonomous Trucks – 2018 report outlines the current state of the automated and autonomous truck market, with long range scenario forecasts for platooning and higher levels of autonomy out to 2040.  An in-depth review of business models, legislative factors and competitive dynamics are presented, with a key focus on start-ups and disruptors. The autonomous truck market is set for a period of rapid growth beginning in 2020.

Autonomous Truck Market – Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Definitions and Method
  • The Global Truck Market
    • Quarterly Unit Sales
    • Leading Manufacturers of Trucks
    • Truck Manufacturer Brands
  • Global Platooning and L4 Automation Baseline and Aggressive Scenario Forecasts
    • Global Platooning and L4 Truck Sales by Country – Baseline Forecast
    • Global Platooning and L4 Truck Sales by Country – Aggressive Forecast
    • Vehicles in Operation– Baseline Forecast
    • Global Platooning and L4 Truck Sales by Application – Baseline Forecast
    • Baseline Forecast
    • Platooning and L4 Sales Profiles
    • Major Market Comparison – China Versus the USA
  • Market Opportunities, Business Models and Impact on Employment
    • Market Opportunities
    • Business Model Adaptation
    • Platooning Business Model Analysis
    • Impact on Employment
  • Regulation and Trials
    • Platooning Trials and Regulations
    • European Truck Platooning Roadmap and Regulatory Framework
    • Competition from Other Efficiency Technologies
  • Autonomous Truck Market Company Profiles
    • HERE Technologies
    • Einride
    • Volvo Group
    • TuSimple
    • Embark Trucks
    • Flux Auto
    • Gatik AI
    • Tesla
    • Uber Freight and Uber ATG
    • G7/GLP/NIO Capital Joint Venture
    • Peloton Technology
    • Waymo
    • Wise Systems
    • Routific
    • Starsky Robotics
    • Ike Robotics

Deliverables: PDF Report + forecast and market share tables (including pivotable outputs) presented in Excel.

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