Lithium-Ion Battery Production & Supply - Jul 2019
Report Author - Maya Xiao

Interact Analysis’s new market report – “Lithium-ion Battery Production & Supply” provides a highly-detailed database and in-depth analysis of lithium-ion battery production, manufacture and the supplier base, with a focus on industrial-grade batteries used for transportation, energy storage and consumer markets.

It covers the entire supply chain of lithium-ion batteries, upstream to mineral resources, and battery materials (positive materials, anode materials, electrolytes, separators and other materials), core links including battery manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and assembly companies, down to end-applications such as electric vehicle makers and clean energy suppliers.

Using both primary research and secondary research, the report includes a detailed database of the suppliers of batteries and their planned manufacturing plants around the world. The report also presents demand forecasts for lithium-ion batteries based on in-house and third-party data on EVs and grid storage applications. Our analysis of the supply of batteries and demand from the end applications enables us to identify imbalances and the impact on utilization and pricing.


80 Page PDF Report

180 Excel Tables & Figures


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Posted by Maya Xiao

Maya has an interdisciplinary technical background in system automation, renewable energy, and intelligent connected vehicles. She is responsible for Interact Analysis’ Chinese industrial automation and NEV research.