Mobile Robots – 2019
Report Author - Ash Sharma

The mobile robot market is set for a major transformation over the next decade as autonomous platforms (AMRs) get widely adopted in warehouses and logistics centers following years of pilots stages. The industry is now growing rapidly as the technology hits the mainstream driven by an acute labor shortage and ecommerce boom coupled with increasing customer demands for faster and cheaper delivery and high return rates.

At the same time, automation and robotics continues to proliferate in manufacturing environments, amidst a backdrop of Industry 4.0 and consumer changes, leading to faster and shorter design cycles and a strong need for manufacturing flexibility.

  • The 2018 edition of this report was the first bottom-up analysis of the mobile robot market. In this 2019 edition, two experienced research directors spent 4-5 months researching and analyzing the industry, using primary research to build an updated assessment of the industry.
  • The report uses well-modelled forecasts to 2023 with clear and transparent assumptions for all market segments.
  • It includes detailed discussions of the key issues/trends impacting the mobile robot market, based on 40+ hours of primary interviews with key industry stakeholders.
  • An in-depth analysis of the supplier landscape is included to help you understand your competitors, suppliers and potential partners more accurately.

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Posted by Ash Sharma

Ash has spent close to 20 years in technology research on several sectors, including industrial automation and smart manufacturing, smart home, solar power and energy storage, drones and robotics, medical technology and building automation. Ash is Senior Research Director for our robotics & warehouse automation research, amongst other topics. Read more