The Collaborative Robot Market – 2019
Report Author - Maya Xiao

Benefiting from the growing demand for equipment automation and production flexibility, collaborative robots have attracted much attention in the past two years. Collaborative robots can, to a certain extent, reduce the pressure on the manufacturing industry caused by increasing labour costs, assist and even partially replace human workers to complete tedious tasks, and ensure safety in some dangerous working conditions. Cobots have gradually become an important part of intelligent manufacturing and an effective complement to lean production. However, the future role of collaborative robots is still not clear. What tasks will the speed and accuracy of cobots allow them to be capable of? Which industries will drive the growth of collaborative robots in the next five years?  How will collaborative robots complement or influence the traditional industrial robot market? What is the potential of collaborative robots in non-manufacturing fields? Interact Analysis helps you to answer these questions based on over 30 in-depth interviews and an in-depth, highly detailed database.

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Posted by Maya Xiao

Maya has an interdisciplinary technical background in system automation, renewable energy, and intelligent connected vehicles. She is responsible for Interact Analysis’ Chinese industrial automation and NEV research.