The Low Voltage Motor Drive Market – 2020
Report Author - Bowen WIlder

Interact Analysis’s low voltage AC motor drive report is the most in depth data set on the market for motor drives ever produced. Over 40 hours of interviews with market stakeholders were conducted for this research. This, used in tandem with our unique tertiary modelling capability, allowed us to measure and predict demand for low voltage AC motor drives across 7 product types, 32 regions, 36 machinery & end user sectors, and 11 power ratings. Data is presented in terms of both revenues and units and contains nearly 700,000 unique data points. Our forecast is informed using a 13- year historical data set on the performance of industry and machinery production. Using this data, we provide a 5-year forecast for every segmentation in our report.

Unlike our competitors, our advanced modelling technique allows users of our data to layer segmentations on top of each other (see image below for visual representation). This means users now have the ability to view anticipated demand for very specific scenarios. For example, using our report users could view expected demand for decentralized drives under 2.2kW in India, within the food & beverage sector. This newly achieved level of data resolution gives users a new tool to support business initiatives. In addition to this extensive data set, the report also includes market share analysis and a written report discussing ongoing trends as identified in interviews with industry experts. The report will include a 90-slide written pdf report as well as an excel dashboard containing all data sets outlined above. In addition to these deliverables, users of the research will have unlimited access to our analyst team for questions and clarification on anything in or outside of the report.

The primary author of the report is an industry veteran who has been pioneering the most comprehensive and well-respected analyses of manufacturing product markets for over 20 years.

Interact Analysis has made every effort to produce the most up to date and accurate market size and forecast. In addition to 40+ hours of primary research interviews, we have utilized data from national manufacturing  surveys as well as data developed in our other research areas. This data, combined with the data gathered from interviews, are the base at which our estimates are developed.

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Posted by Bowen WIlder