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Google arrives just in IoT(ime)

Tim Dawson
Senior Research Director

Tim is the Senior Research Director and Principal Analyst for IA’s Industrial Automation team. He uses his 20+ year experience to develop best-in-class research for the manufacturing sector and is a frequent speaker on all things research at conferences and industry trade shows across the country.

Last month we wrote about Alphabet’s (and its subsidiaries) lack of presence in the industrial IoT space, this despite being suitably qualified and it being a potent strategic fit for the company.

It should come as no great surprise then that, this month, Google announced a new “fully-managed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service called Google Cloud IoT Core.”

The internet search giant is promoting access to “new operational insights” with it targeting consumer energy usage, transportation and logistics, and predictive maintenance for the manufacturing industry.

Taken from the Google announcement, the following shows the data flow between the device and end-user:

Google cloud Iot

Source: Google

Google has clearly made the determination that it has the right tool-set to address a real industrial problem – too much data, too little security and too many silos.

It’s too early to say how successful Google will be. This announcement focuses broadly on ‘industrial’ as opposed to specifically industrial automation. It faces competition in the industrial IoT space; however, many end users are only just ‘switching on’ to the opportunities in the data coming from their devices and Google presents a familiar brand, particularly to the CTO who might be funding the integration. There is clearly an opportunity in industrial for Google and, more specifically, industrial automation.

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