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intelligent automation industrial automation robot with shaking handsIndustrial Automation or smart manufacturing concepts and the use of robotics with intelligent, data-driven automation systems are offering manufacturers enhanced flexibility, productivity and efficiency in an increasingly competitive and cost conscious environment. Insight into these technologies and markets is especially critical at a time where uncertainty remains over the depth and speed of the digital transformation.

The manufacturing industry, whilst being a mature technology adopter in some respects, is at a crossroads as the transformation brings new suppliers, technologies and business models to the open market. Assessing the impact and opportunity these offer to the industrial automation value chain is challenging, especially with implementation underway and the pace of change uneven across industries and technologies.

At Interact Analysis, we have unparalleled experience analyzing and understanding industrial technology markets. We aim to provide the industry with a combination of macro-level insight quantifying big-picture opportunities, with in-depth detailed reports on specific technologies and products. We focus on providing intelligence based on extensive primary research, data collection and analysis, using our expert analyst team.

Latest Industrial Automation Research

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Industrial Automation - Insights

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