Industrial Controls & Remote I/O – Mar 2019

Industrial Controls & Remote I/O – Mar 2019

Rich insight into the changing landscape of industrial controls (PLCs and DCS) and I/O modules used in manufacturing

Built through extensive primary research and utilizing data from Interact Analysis’ “Manufacturing Industry Outlook (MIO)” report, this report provides a deep understanding of the technological, market, and economic trends driving and restricting growth for industrial controls. ​

Our unique set of research deliverables includes tertiary analysis providing Product Data x Industry x Country data – giving a deeper level of analysis than has previously been available. 

Data is supported by insights and commentary, so you can quickly extract key information on the most important topics and effectively arrive at key actionable conclusions from the research. ​

What's in the report?

Detailed market size and forecast data by product type, key industry, and key country; with further technical product segmentations
Supplier market shares for industrial controls and I/O modules by product type, region, key industry and key country
Revenue and unit shipment forecasts out to 2022
​Insights into key emerging trends such as cloud and edge-computing and its implications for the industrial control and I/O module market
Dynamic Excel workbooks and a top-line PPT presentation including written insights

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