Industrial Robots – May 2022

Industrial Robots – May 2022

4th edition of the well-respected market report providing insight and analysis into the industrial robot industry

This edition constitutes the largest revision to our forecasts since we started tracking the robotics industry in 2018. COVID had a larger-than-anticipated (and, of course, not just negative) impact on the penetration of robots in the short term (2020 and 2021) and it will continue to have an effect in the medium- and long-term (2022- 2026). Pre-pandemic, the industrial robot sector had been mature, enjoying moderate, stable growth, but since COVID, increased enthusiasm for automation in the manufacturing sector has turbo-charged the industry. However, long-term bullishness cannot hide short-term worries.

Our all-new industrial robots report shows the change in the market is so strong that lots of well-established companies in the industrial robot value chain are coming to us to get an understanding of the new market forces that have come into play. Readers will get answers to their most pressing questions – how the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the market? How fast will the market grow over the next five years? Which industry and application segments offer the greatest opportunity? Our advice to robot companies is simple: prepare for much stronger long-term growth than you’ve been used to in recent years.

What's in the report?

Market size and forecast data for industrial robots with detailed segmentations
Five-year forecasts to 2026 presented throughout
Key trend and market driver discussion and analysis provided by robot type, payload, industry and application
Supplier market shares and rankings of leading industrial robot companies in 2021, with an analysis of the competitive landscape
Supply chain and business model discussion

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