Siemens’ Autonomous Vehicle Strategy

Siemens Autonomous Car
Following Siemens’ recent announcement to acquire Tass International we examine what it means for the industrial giant’s strategy. Broad range ... Read More

NACV Show: Truck Industry says, “we’re ready for autonomy”

At the recent North American Commercial Vehicle (NACV) show numerous executives from major truck OEMs and suppliers made it clear ... Read More

Manufacturing Industry Outlook (MIO) – 2017

Manufacturing Industry Outlook - 2017
This report offers the most complete and unified analysis of the manufacturing industry globally. It quantifies the total value of ... Read More

A Decade After the Financial Crisis, Has EU Manufacturing & Machinery Recovered?

A Decade After the Financial Crisis, How Has Manufacturing & Machinery Production Faired in the EU?
Total EU manufacturing production peaked in 2008, at a little over €4.9 trillion, before the effects of the financial crisis ... Read More

Complimentary Report: Commercial UAV Industry Insights

commercial uav report
Interact Analysis is pleased to present a 23-page complimentary report containing key findings from our recent Commercial UAV market report ... Read More

Where are all the security drones?

Where are all the security drones?
In the early 2000s the security industry had a renaissance. The ‘war on terror’, a massive technology switch from analogue ... Read More

What’s behind the robust growth in industrial robots?

What's behind the robust growth in industrial robots?
Recent industry figures for industrial robots have once again put the market in the spotlight. According to the Robotic Industries ... Read More

Commercial Drones in 2022 – Our Predictions

The Commercial UAV Market in 2022 – Our Predictions
The fledgling commercial UAV industry may be small today, but it is forecast for tremendous growth and transformation over the ... Read More

Intel announces “Insight” data platform for enterprise UAV customers – partners with Delair

Intel announces “Insight” data platform for enterprise UAV customers – partners with Delair
Key points On September 6th at Interdrone 2017, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed a new data analytics platform called Intel ... Read More

Technology and infrastructure developments fuelling commercial UAV market growth

Commercial UAV technology
A series of important technology and infrastructure milestones are in reach which could enable the rapid growth and adoption of ... Read More

Commercial UAV Report 2017

Commercial UAVs Report 2017
Commercial UAVs is a small industry currently, but tipped for massive growth, due to falling hardware prices, countless use cases ... Read More

Will commercial drones consumerize and commoditize?

intelligent automation will commercial UAVs consumerize
The use of UAVs (drones) in commercial applications really began with the media sector and the implementation of ‘prosumer’ (professional-consumer) ... Read More

Yamaha: will alliances bear fruit or is the Ag drone pioneer at risk of a drought?

yamaha ag drone spraying
Yamaha is well established in the agricultural market with over 2500 unmanned helicopters performing agricultural spraying in Japan and other ... Read More

Softbank to Acquire Robotics Division from Alphabet: our take

softbank to acquire robotics division
The details Late last week it was announced, without much ceremony, that Softbank Group would be acquiring Boston Dynamics and ... Read More

Mass market adoption of automotive sensors to drive lower-cost UAV ‘sense and avoid’

intelligent automation drone operator sense avoid
The rapid increase in use of sensors in automotive for safety applications and autonomous driving is providing the catalyst for ... Read More

Softbank’s Investment in OSIsoft

intelligent automation industrial automation robot with shaking hands
In short: great synergies, but execution will be key Last week it was announced that Softbank Group had made an ... Read More

Google arrives just in IoT(ime)

intelligent automation hands holding iot chip
Last month we wrote about Alphabet’s (and its subsidiaries) lack of presence in the industrial IoT space, this despite being ... Read More

Drone operators should demand better quality products

intelligent automation broken drone uav
Commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators are all too familiar with the challenges of UAV flight – poor weather, demanding ... Read More

Drone manufacturers turn to commercial market to revive fortunes

Commercial UAVs Report 2017
The consensus at last week’s AUVSI Xponential show in Dallas was that the footfall and size of the show was ... Read More

Clouds everywhere at Hannover, but IT’s ok

cloud IOT hannover
Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Digitalization, or whatever phrase you might hear is a big trend. Unsurprisingly, this was a ... Read More

Is Alphabet late to the industrial IoT party?

Internet of things machinery
If you were at Hannover Messe 2017, you won’t have missed the very visible presence of IT companies – Microsoft, ... Read More

ABB to acquire B&R Automation – Our view

merger and acquisition puzzle pieces
ABB to acquire B&R (Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik GmbH) for an undisclosed sum to close ABB’s historic gap in machine ... Read More

Intelligent Automation – a Boon for Industrial Automation Vendors?

intelligent automation waveforms pointing finger
Intelligent Automation is an emerging trend of extraordinary scope and implication. Consequently, we are seeing the term being applied to ... Read More

Autonomous mobile robots deliver with a strong presence at Automate

Autonomous mobile robots in factory
Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are set to be the fastest growing type of industrial service robot. Manufacturing companies and end-users ... Read More

UAVs offer solar industry benefits, but at a cost

drone flying over solar panels
The use of UAVs (or drones) in the solar industry has been limited to date, though has the potential for ... Read More

Drone artificial intelligence is key enabler as investment dollars flow

intelligent automation commercial drone
Commercial drones – those used for precision agriculture, mining, site inspection and other applications – are big business. They are ... Read More