Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

The trend toward electrification is strong enough to disrupt the entire commercial vehicles value chain – and it is happening fast. Are you ready for a zero-carbon future?

Delivering for the global economy

It may be the behemoth that carries the weight of the economy on its colossal shoulders, but historically the commercial auto sector has been more technology laggard than technology leader. Now, it’s at the beginning of a new era – that of electrification and autonomy. Shifts are happening fast, and they require a fundamental change of approach right across the ecosystem.

The long march towards electrification

Buses, coaches, trucks, agricultural vehicles, forklifts and construction vehicles – the commercial auto sector is as broad as it is long. But every part is operating against the same backdrop of low emission zones and government regulation. Net zero targets are upon us. There has to be an investment in electrification – and that has significant knock on effects on production techniques, technology requirements, and cost.

While electrification of passenger vehicles is accelerating, uptake in the commercial sector is slower and more complicated. There are issues with uniformity, and of standardization. Engineers have not coalesced around a standard powertrain. And while similar issues of battery weight and range anxiety appear across the commercial vehicle sector, different vehicles have different demands. Design innovation will be key.

For governments, electrification is a huge priority; electric vehicles will run the roads sooner than we think. Companies in this sector must be hyper aware of the market shifts around them, so they can navigate now, and pre-empt the future.

Commercial Vehicles Intelligence from Interact Analysis

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