Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Smart manufacturing is advancing fast, with collaborative technology at its epicentre. Our insights can help you capture the value of this dynamic change.

Your Factory of the Future

In the hyper-competitive manufacturing sector, huge gains await those who can do more, faster, and with flexibility. But it’s no longer enough to squeeze more operating efficiency through conventional cost-cutting measures. To stay competitive, factories must build on a foundation of automation, and on a much larger scale.

Embracing Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 describes the push towards the automation and digitalization of the shop floor. It’s complex stuff, with human activity being augmented by more sensors, robotics, smart connected machinery and the internet of things. These technologies enable manufacturing where devices on the factory floor can talk to each other, and the entire production process can be easily visualized, offering the potential for greater autonomy and lights-out manufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing is still in its infancy. But the proliferation of robotics and automation is inevitable. Insight into these technologies is critical when manufacturers are jockeying for position and no one is really certain over the depth and speed of the transformation or the technologies that stand to benefit.

Industrial Automation Intelligence from Interact Analysis

Here at IA, we deliver both macro-level insights into next-gen manufacturing automation, alongside highly granular data on the technologies that will impact nearly every factory and production line i the world. Our reports combine top-tier quantitative data with on-the-ground intelligence gained from interviews and surveys. Competitors have no access to your data, giving you a strong competitive edge.