Robotics & Warehouse Automation

Robotics & Warehouse

Robotics represents a step-change in logistics, allowing goods to be delivered faster than ever before. A strategy built on rich insights can help you keep pace.

Are you ready for the robot revolution?

The need to pick, pack and despatch goods is as old as the hills. But the way we do it is very new. Turbocharged by the boom in e-commerce, our supply chains are under pressure to guarantee next-day or same-day delivery for customers that don’t have especially deep pockets. Entire ecosystems are being developed around robotics and their peripherals – grippers, sensors, software– to meet the surge in demand. And to do it accurately, cost-effectively, and in a very tight time window.

From Robots to Cobots

Robots rely on a number of enabling technologies, such as sensing and machine intelligence that determine how the robotic systems interact with the physical world. These technologies are racing ahead right now, and have reached performance capabilities that make all sorts of new automation applications possible.

Mobility is the next big game changer. Advanced autonomous mobile robots can move around without a physical guidance system. These robots rely on ever-advancing software that optimizes operations like never before, providing a bounty of agility in the warehouse. Collaborative robots – cobots – are the next seismic shift. Built to augment human creativity, these machines deliver the strength, intelligence and precision processing capabilities that can increase efficiency, shrink labour costs and take order fulfilment to new heights.

Robotics & Warehouse Automation Intelligence from Interact Analysis

In fast-paced, competitive markets, automation becomes the great equalizer. We cover the entire warehouse automation industry, from macro-level statistics on warehouses around the world, to deep analysis of automation technologies and autonomous mobile robots. Our research is backed by a 20+ year foundation of industry-leading expertise in this sector. For a complete and rounded understanding of these evolutionary technologies, and how they can shape your future, get in touch today.