Lithium-Ion Battery Production & Supply – July 2019

Lithium-Ion Battery Production & Supply – July 2019

In-depth study into the dual-characteristic lithium-ion battery production sector

With increasing demand from the electric vehicle sector, lithium-ion battery manufacture is one of the few bright spots in the equipment industry, making it a new consideration for many companies. 

It’s also a complex market displaying dual characteristics: rapid growth of the new energy industry, and high risk of uncertainty and long-term return period of heavy assets in the traditional equipment industry. 

Heavy investment is required – which means preparation is key before entering these very promising markets.​ This report can help you understand the scale of the opportunity.

What's in the report?

Accurate and up-to-date market data and forecasts
A clear view of the key trends and factors that are influencing market development
Vendor market share analysis​, including a discussion of product capability and strategy for established vendors and how they are responding to battery market changes.
Extensive report PDF​, table Excel files, power BI dashboard ​and post-purchase analyst support​ to support your use cases

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