Low Voltage AC Motor Drives –  Oct 2021

Low Voltage AC Motor Drives – Oct 2021

An analysis of the current and future state of the low voltage AC motor drive market

“The low voltage AC motor drives market, like everywhere else in the global economy, was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic created operational challenges stemming from work from home requirements during 2020, the aftershocks of the pandemic have pervaded through 2021. In 2020, the market declined -8.9% and although it returned to growth in 2021 with a projected growth rate of 7.7%, the market is still riddled with supply chain issues which are likely to persist into 2023.”

In this 4th edition of our well respected market report on low voltage AC motor drives we provide detailed market size and forecast data for low voltage AC motor drives by form, industry, application, country and power rating.

In this new addition we have extended our regional segmentation to include Argentina, Indonesia , Thailand and Vietnam and increased our end user industry analysis to include Airports, Seaports & terminals as well as Warehouses and Commercial buildings.

What's in the report?

Detailed market size and forecast data for low voltage AC motor drives by form factor, industry, application, country, and power rating
In-depth discussion of the key questions facing the market
Tertiary Model PowerBI Dashboard
Insight into key emerging trends and qualitative insights
Stackable data using data from our manufacturing industry output (MIO) tracker, low voltage motor research, and gearbox and geared motors research.

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