Low Voltage AC Motors - Interim Update Oct 2022

Low Voltage AC Motors - Interim Update Oct 2022

An analysis of the current and future state of the low voltage AC motor market

Interact Analysis has established itself as the leading market intelligence provider to the motor & drive markets. Our research has guided companies as they benchmark against their competition and plan for future trends.
We have produced an interim update to our 2022 Low Voltage AC Motor Market report. This report, published in October 2022, will aim to answer key questions being faced by market suppliers.

What do we aim to answer?

Who are the leading vendors of motors by efficiency class and region?
What is the outlook for the market as we move through a high inflation environment?
How is the war in Ukraine impacting supply chains for motor suppliers?
How quickly are high efficiency motors (IE4 & IE5) seeing uptake? How quickly is this trend approaching and in which verticals?
What are current lead times for motors?
How is the market developing in China? How have the COVID lockdowns in China affected market development in the region?

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