Mobile Robots –  Oct 2021

Mobile Robots – Oct 2021

​An analysis of the future for AGVs & AMRs in manufacturing and logistics.

“Nearly 2.1 million mobile robots will have been shipped by the end of 2025 with nearly 860,000 of these added in 2025 itself. Both AGVs and AMRs will enjoy strong demand over the next five years, however the rapid adoption of AMRs and the greater range of possible applications means that AMR revenues will dwarf AGV revenues by 2025.”

The mobile robot market is under-going massive growth and transformation as autonomous platforms (AMRs) get widely adopted in warehouses and logistics centers following years of pilot stages and AGVs get rolled out under global framework agreements. Automation continues to be a high priority amongst customers as the underlying drivers – acute labor shortage, rising costs, flexible manufacturing lines and the ecommerce boom which is driving demand for cheaper delivery and high return rates and unit-level material handling.

Automation and robotics continues to proliferate in manufacturing and logistics environments, amidst a backdrop of Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0 and consumer changes, leading to faster and shorter design cycles and a strong need for manufacturing and supply chain flexibility.

The 4th edition of the well respected Interact Analysis market report provides insight and analysis into the mobile robot industry. The report is focused on material handling applications in manufacturing and logistics environments, which accounts for the bulk of AGV & AMR revenues.

What's in the report?

A bottom-up analysis of the mobile robot market by surveying 70+ vendors globally
Detailed analysis of 5 types of order fulfillment robots and 6 types of material handling robots
Detailed discussions of the key issues/trends impacting the mobile robot market, based on 50+ hours of primary interviews with key industry stakeholders
Detailed vendor market share and competitive environment analysis
200 well modelled, transparent forecast tables for mobile robots
Quarterly updates on industry news plus mid-year forecast update included in "Premium" report

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