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Interact Analysis团队拥有丰富的成体系的研究经验。我们致力于向市场提供有价值并具备可操作性的市场资讯。面对正在迅速崛起并改变着这个世界的智能自动化浪潮, Interact Analysis希望通过我们的专业知识,研究体系和信息平台来帮助您去理解这场变革中发生的一切,洞悉其中所蕴含的机会。我们也将在与您合作的过程中创造一个全新的更为交互的客户体验。 这也是我们为这个团队取名为Interact Analysis的原因所在。

/ September 18, 2017
intelligent automation


我们的市场情报的理念是我们的名字所代表的。 我们认为,为了产生最有价值的信息和观点,我们必须与业界进行广泛的互动。 在研究期间,我们会通过分析与客户的交流不断寻求更新更完善的信息体系。 我们这个团队在捕捉市场动态和精准采集信息方面的经验意味着我们将始终为您提供最新和最准确的信息,并提供更有价值的见解。

/ September 18, 2017
The Commercial UAV Market in 2022 – Our Predictions

Commercial Drones in 2022 – Our Predictions

The fledgling commercial UAV industry may be small today, but it is forecast for tremendous growth and transformation over the next five years. We created...

/ September 13, 2017

Intel announces “Insight” data platform for enterprise UAV customers – partners with Delair

On September 6th at Interdrone 2017, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich revealed a new data analytics platform called Intel Insight during his keynote speech. Having a...

/ September 12, 2017
Commercial UAV technology

Technology and infrastructure developments fuelling commercial UAV market growth

A series of important technology and infrastructure milestones are in reach which could enable the rapid growth and adoption of commercial UAVs. In the latest...

/ September 7, 2017
intelligent automation will commercial UAVs consumerize

Will commercial drones consumerize and commoditize?

The use of UAVs (drones) in commercial applications really began with the media sector and the implementation of ‘prosumer’ (professional-consumer) type UAVs that were easy...

/ August 7, 2017
intelligent automation


注册接收Interact Analysis关于智能自动化行业的最新更新

/ August 7, 2017
yamaha ag drone spraying

Yamaha: will alliances bear fruit or is the Ag drone pioneer at risk of a drought?

Yamaha is well established in the agricultural market with over 2500 unmanned helicopters performing agricultural spraying in Japan and other Asian countries. In recent months Yamaha...

/ July 5, 2017
softbank to acquire robotics division

Softbank to Acquire Robotics Division from Alphabet: our take

The details Late last week it was announced, without much ceremony, that Softbank Group would be acquiring Boston Dynamics and Schaft, collectively the robotics division...

/ June 12, 2017