Commercial UAV technology

Technology and infrastructure developments fuelling commercial UAV market growth

A series of important technology and infrastructure milestones are in reach which could enable the rapid growth and adoption of commercial UAVs. In the latest Interact Analysis market research study – here – we have identified a series of technologies and the likely time and importance of them to the...

/ September 7, 2017
intelligent automation will commercial UAVs consumerize

Will commercial drones consumerize and commoditize?

The use of UAVs (drones) in commercial applications really began with the media sector and the implementation of ‘prosumer’ (professional-consumer) type UAVs that were easy to fly by any photographer. Now the number of use cases for drones in commercial applications is ballooning. From supporting police and fire service, to...

/ August 7, 2017
yamaha ag drone spraying

Yamaha: will alliances bear fruit or is the Ag drone pioneer at risk of a drought?

Yamaha is well established in the agricultural market with over 2500 unmanned helicopters performing agricultural spraying in Japan and other Asian countries. In recent months Yamaha has announced two new business alliances. The first with Enroute (a Japanese commercial drone manufacturer) will see the two companies share product and commercial information....

/ July 5, 2017
softbank to acquire robotics division

Softbank to Acquire Robotics Division from Alphabet: our take

The details Late last week it was announced, without much ceremony, that Softbank Group would be acquiring Boston Dynamics and Schaft, collectively the robotics division of Google-parent, Alphabet. The terms of the deal are undisclosed. Recently Interact Analysis has written about both Alphabet’s industrial strategy and Softbank’s wide range of...

/ June 12, 2017
intelligent automation drone operator sense avoid

Mass market adoption of automotive sensors to drive lower-cost UAV ‘sense and avoid’

The rapid increase in use of sensors in automotive for safety applications and autonomous driving is providing the catalyst for much needed advances in the use of ‘sense and avoid’ for UAVs. As millions of cars and trucks are fitted with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the cost of the...

/ June 6, 2017
intelligent automation industrial automation robot with shaking hands

Softbank’s Investment in OSIsoft

In short: great synergies, but execution will be key Last week it was announced that Softbank Group had made an investment in OSIsoft by acquiring the minority interest held by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (Kleiner Perkins), TCV and Tola Capital. OSIsoft – a privately held and relatively unassuming company...

/ June 6, 2017
intelligent automation hands holding iot chip

Google arrives just in IoT(ime)

Last month we wrote about Alphabet’s (and its subsidiaries) lack of presence in the industrial IoT space, this despite being suitably qualified and it being a potent strategic fit for the company. It should come as no great surprise then that, this month, Google announced a new “fully-managed Google Cloud...

/ May 25, 2017
intelligent automation broken drone uav

Drone operators should demand better quality products

Commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators are all too familiar with the challenges of UAV flight – poor weather, demanding clients, and the current regulatory environment to name but a few. However, according to discussions at the recent Drone Tech Europe event in Bristol one major challenge is the reliability...

/ May 25, 2017
Commercial UAVs Report 2017

Drone manufacturers turn to commercial market to revive fortunes

The consensus at last week’s AUVSI Xponential show in Dallas was that the footfall and size of the show was probably lower than the year before in New Orleans. This might have been surprising to those not familiar with the industry who have seen the increasing media attention and news...

/ May 22, 2017