Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems – March 2020

Predictive Maintenance in Motor Driven Systems – March 2020

The most current, accurate and insightful predictive maintenance market size and forecast available globally

The methods for performing predictive maintenance are evolving rapidly, and the market for enabling technology is set to boom. By 2024, we expect the market for predictive maintenance in motor-driven systems to reach a valuation of $906.1M, posting a CAGR of 40.6% over our forecast period (2018-2024). 

Manufacturing organizations would do well to understand these evolutions and adjust their strategies as necessary to ensure they’re seizing every opportunity. How does your business stack up?

What's in the report?

Extensive data sets based on 40+ hours of primary research interviews and data from national manufacturing surveys
In-depth projections for the entire landscape of the modern predictive maintenance market, including smart sensors, portable monitoring devices, and gateways & software
Installed base model for rotating equipment including motors, bearing blocks, gearboxes, fans, pumps, and compressors – the core assets on which predictive maintenance is performed – to identify the opportunities that exist for emerging PM technology
A 110-slide written pdf report plus an intuitive excel dashboard containing all data sets, for easy use

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