Motor drives are increasingly viewed as the front lines of predictive maintenance, and as an enabler of IoT – says Interact Analysis

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Motor drives are increasingly viewed as the front lines of predictive maintenance, and as an enabler of IoT – says Interact Analysis

 New 2019 low voltage AC motor drives report from Interact Analysis reveals:

  • Decentralized and motor mounted drives to show the strongest growth
  • Danfoss overtook Siemens in 2018 to be number 1 drives supplier to the EMEA region
  • Cabinet mounted general purpose drives have largest percentage of sales by product type

London, UK, 7th November 2019 – Market intelligence firm Interact Analysis has released a new market report – The Low Voltage AC Motor Drives Market – 2019 – which allows users to view demand for drives at an unprecedented level of detail. The research shows that growth in the intralogistics and materials handling sector has led to increased demand for decentralised and motor mounted drives, leading them to show the strongest growth over the five-year forecast period out of all seven product types covered. Cabinet mounted general purpose drives account for nearly half of drive sales globally, but also represent the slowest growing product type.

Meanwhile, from a regional perspective, although ABB is the number 1 drives supplier on a global basis, Danfoss has overtaken Siemens to be number 1 in EMEA. The Americas is predicted to be the fastest growing drives market for 2019, while the market in EMEA is shrinking, and China continues to occupy the largest share of the market (43% by unit shipments in 2019).

Interact Analysis has pioneered a new forecasting approach that gives an unprecedented level of detail. For example, users could choose to view anticipated demand for drives under 2.2 kW in the Indian packaging market. This is possible because the report is underpinned by 12 years of data on industrial production (the value of goods produced) and machinery production (the value of the machines used to produce goods). This information comes from Interact Analysis’s Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker – a big data tool that aggregates national manufacturing surveys from all major manufacturing economies in a set of over 1.2 million datapoints.

Adrian Lloyd, CEO of Interact Analysis and lead analyst on the drives report, says: “In 2018 average drive prices fell by 2.7% compared with 2017, and we expect this trend to continue. To compound this, 2019 is experiencing a slowdown in the market. Yet the drives industry has reason for positivity. And not just because we expect the market to rebound in 2020.

“The world is becoming increasingly automated – in fact it is becoming rare to open a national daily newspaper and not read something about how automation is impacting the economy. Automation growth sectors, such as eCommerce warehouses, are creating vast new opportunities for drives. In the longer run, it is very positive for drives manufacturers that our research shows drives buyers increasingly see drives as the front line of predictive maintenance and industrial IoT.

“Most drives reports model industry dynamics by simply comparing the growth of the drives market with the growth of the entire manufacturing sector. Ours is different. Interact Analysis’s Manufacturing Industry Output tracker compares the value of goods produced with the value of machines used to produce goods to give a whole range of fresh new insights unavailable in any other drives report.”


About the Low Voltage AC Motor Drives Report – 2019

 Interact Analysis’s low voltage AC motor drive report is the most in depth data set on the market for motor drives ever produced. Over 40 hours of interviews with market stakeholders were conducted for this research. This, used in tandem with our unique tertiary modelling capability, allowed us to measure and predict demand for low voltage AC motor drives across 7 product types, 32 regions, 34 machinery & end user sectors, and 11 power ratings. Data is presented in terms of both revenues and units and contains nearly 620,000 unique data points. Our forecast is informed using a 12-year historical data set on the performance of industry and machinery production. Using this data, we provide a 5-year forecast for every segmentation in our report. In addition to an extensive data set, the report also includes market share analysis and a written report discussing ongoing trends as identified in interviews with industry experts. Purchase of the report also gives you access to our analyst team for questions and clarification on anything in or outside of the report. The primary author of the report is Adrian Lloyd, an industry veteran who has been pioneering the most comprehensive and well-respected analyses of manufacturing product markets for over 20 years. To learn more, visit:

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