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makes the difference.

Our custom research and smart off-the-shelf intelligence reports uncover opportunities for technology-driven growth. No insight left unnoticed. No stone left unturned.

A quiet revolution is underway as technologies evolve and entire industries transform. Reimagining the way you do things is now critical for everyone — an urgent step to achieve greater efficiencies and scale. We provide deep analytical assessments in three key industries on how technology trends impact the way work is done, and could be done, and will be done. So you can respond to these changes and win.

Industrial Automation

In the competitive manufacturing sector, huge gains await those who can meet demanding production goals faster and more efficiently. Key technologies such as robotics, smart connected machinery and the IoT are both essential – and highly complex. Our insights can help you realize automation-driven benefits faster. Explore how.

Robotics & Warehouse Automation

The boom in e-commerce is putting our supply chains under enormous pressure. Entire ecosystems are being developed around robotics to meet the surge in demand – and they’re about to get even smarter. Interact Analysis’ reliable insights provide the foundation for your automated future. No other firm can provide the level of granular detail and combine it with opportunity-revealing analysis.

Commercial Vehicles

The commercial auto sector carries the weight of the economy on its colossal shoulders. Now it stands at the beginning of a new era of electrification where design innovation will be key. To navigate the shift, companies must be hyper aware of the opportunities around them. With more knowledge in this sector than anyone else, our insights can help you create transformative results.

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