Tertiary Analysis

The Challenge You Face

It’s great to have data, but sometimes data itself isn’t enough. When you have to manipulate the numbers to make them relevant and usable to your organization, there will always be an element of doubt.

But not all data is equal – you shouldn’t have to compromise quality for relevance.

We understand exactly how customers need to use their data, and have worked to provide you actionable, intelligent data and insight. And what’s more, our data visualization tool allows even the busiest people to quickly access the relevant data in an easy to interpret format.

What is Tertiary Analysis?

For many of our reports we offer ultra-high granularity datasets to allow you to drill down through multiple levels of forecasts. Rather than presenting one-dimensional forecasts (e.g. Product A in Industry B), our tertiary analysis allows you to view forecasts down to 3-4 and sometimes 5 levels of depth (e.g. Product A in Industry B in Country C in Application D).

This new level of depth available in our data and forecasts can provide you with the most meaningful understanding of how your markets are performing at the most granular level possible, and data that the industry has never been able to see before.

How is Tertiary Analysis made possible?

You may be asking why all research reports don’t contain the level of detail and depth included within Interact Analysis reports. The reason is that we have invested years into building a complex forecasting engine called the Manufacturing Industry Output Tracker. This provides incredible insight into manufacturing output in 35 industries and machinery sectors, across 34 countries over a 15-year period. This forecast engine, which is based on over 1.2 million data points allows us to correlate demand and sales of industrial automation equipment at a level of depth that was previously never feasible.

See below a video of the tertiary analysis capabilities within our Low Voltage Drives – 2018 report

(For best viewing, click the settings wheel at the bottom right and select ‘1080p’)


Latest Interact Analysis Reports with Tertiary Analysis

Low Voltage AC Motor Drives – 2018

Our recently released report on the low voltage AC motor drive market pioneered our approach with tertiary analysis. As you’ll see from the below diagram explaining the scope, the level of forecast detail available within our tertiary analysis is orders of magnitude greater than what is currently possible from other research reports.

For example, users of the report are able to view a forecast for 2016-2022 for revenues <2kW 3-phase, cabinet-mounted, AC drives sold into Food & Beverage machinery in Turkey, or a forecast for the number of 2.2-7.4kW, motor-mounted AC drives shipped to the Chemicals industry in Mexico. Click here for more information on this report.


Industrial Controls & Remote I/O – 2019

Our new Industrial Controls & Remote I/O – 2019 market report also benefits from detailed tertiary analysis. The below diagram explains the scope and level of forecast detail available with our tertiary analysis, which is an order of magnitude greater than what is currently available in other syndicated research reports. Click here for more information on this report.


Want to try out the tertiary analysis dashboard yourself?

Click here to see an online sample dashboard for the Low Voltage Drives – 2018 Report’s tertiary analysis capabilities.