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The Electric Bus Market – Infographic

Alastair Hayfield
Alastair Hayfield

Alastair has over 15 years’ experience leading research activities in scaled, high-growth industrial and technology markets. As Senior Research Director of our Commercial Vehicles Division, he’s responsible for cutting-edge research on electric trucks and buses, autonomous trucks and off-highway electrification.

Interact Analysis has recently published its Hybrid and Electric Trucks and Buses – 2nd Edition, and Electrified Truck and Bus Powertrain Pricing and Architecture reports. The below infographic demonstrates some of the key findings.

At Interact Analysis we expect significant change in the competitive landscape as public operators choose vendors for electric buses, and as new vendors enter the market.

The infographic is also available to download in PDF here.

Electric Bus Market Infographic.


  • Belgium and the Spain registered the largest percentage of hybrid bus registrations out of total bus registrations in 2020.
  • China registered the largest proportion of their electric bus registrations in 2020 as battery electric accounting to over 40%.
  • Sweden and the Netherlands had the largest percentage of electric bus registrations of the European countries presented here.
  • Fuel cell registrations made up a fraction of the overall registrations and only in a few European countries: UK, Norway, Netherlands and Germany along with China and Japan also reporting under 5 % of their overall registrations.
  • North America and EMEA were the only regions reporting registration of buses with the largest battery capacity of 500KWh or more; however, this only accounts for a small percentage of total registrations.
  • EMEA predominantly registered electric buses with battery capacity of 200kWh -400kWh and North America registered buses with a smaller battery capacity of 101kWh – 300kWh (equating to over 50% of total registrations).
  • South America registered electric buses with the battery capacity of 201kWh – 400kWh only.
  • APAC mostly registered electric buses with small battery capacity, with the majority being between 50kWh – 200kWh.
  • Powertrain Value from a battery electric urban bus is US$99,480 in 2020 for EMEA and North America.
  • Powertrain Value from a battery electric inter-city bus is US$118,471 in 2020 for EMEA and North America.
  • VDL Bus and Coach had the largest EMEA market share in 2019 for total registrations of electric buses. BYD and Yutong – two Chinese vendors – were second and third.
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