The Geared Motors & Industrial (Heavy-Duty) Gears Market – Oct 2020

The Geared Motors & Industrial (Heavy-Duty) Gears Market – Oct 2020

The most detailed and granular assessment of the market available globally – clearly segmenting light-duty geared motors and solo gearboxes from planetary and heavy-duty products.

Despite COVID, the industrial gears sector is predicted to grow and effectively surpass its 2019 level in 2022, with slow steady growth through 2024. Geared motors are projected to experience the fastest growth of all the major product types as OEMs and end-users increasingly see the benefit of purchasing packaged solutions from a single vendor.

Want to know more? Interact Analysis is pleased to offer the most in-depth dataset for geared motors ever produced. Over 40 hours of stakeholder interviews, combined with our unique tertiary modelling capability, has allowed us to measure and predict demand for gearboxes across 12 product types, 32 regions, 28 machinery/industry sectors and 12 torque ratings for an end-to-end industry view.

What's in the report?

Nearly 2,000,000 unique data points, presented in terms of both revenues and units
5-year forecast for every segmentation, based on 13 years of historical data
Advanced data resolution – unlike other reports, you can layer the detailed segmentations on top of each other and view anticipated demand for very specific scenarios. For example, you can view expected demand for bevel-helical geared motors under 5,000 Nm in Germany, within the packaging machinery sector
Market share analysis and a comprehensive discussion of ongoing trends as identified in interviews with industry experts

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