Industrial Robots – March 2021

Industrial Robots – March 2021

3rd edition of the well-respected market report providing insight and analysis into the industrial robot industry

Economic downturn, weak demand from the global automotive and electronics industries, and the shock of the pandemic all combined to trip up the industrial robots market in 2019but it only stumbled. Factors such as staff shortages, social distancing, and the ever-pressing need for efficiency and speed mean that now more than ever, industries across the globe recognise the value of robotics. We believe the next few years will see the sector recover its footing and thrive.

Our all-new industrial robots report paints a detailed picture of this fascinating market. Readers will get answers to their most pressing questions – how fast will the market grow over the next five years? Which industry and application segments offer the greatest opportunity? What’s the impact of the pandemic? To what extent are new technologies (machine vision, AI, machine learning, 5G) shaking things up?

What's in the report?

Bottom-up analysis of the industrial robot market based on 6 months’ of expert research
Market size and forecast data in revenue and unit shipment terms (with price analysis)) and shares for industrial robots in different industries and applications globally ​
Well-modelled forecasts to 2024 with clear and transparent assumptions for all market segments
Detailed discussion of the key trends impacting the industrial robot market, based on 40 hours of primary interviews with key industry stakeholders.
In-depth analysis of the supplier landscape to help you understand your competitors, suppliers and potential partners more accurately.
Our expert forecast of the market’s response following the COVID 19 pandemic

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