Low Voltage Motor Drives – Aug 2020

Low Voltage Motor Drives – Aug 2020

The most detailed set of market size estimates and forecasts on the low voltage AC motor drives market, through 24 years of topical and research expertise

“The LV AC drives market is a cornerstone of industry that will be deeply affected by COVID-19. However, drives are poised for positive long-term growth to aid industry in reducing cost and achieving its energy efficiency goals. With the rise in adoption of technologies, like predictive maintenance, and increasing demand in applications, such as intralogistics, we expect the drives market to remain an important and robust industry for years to come.” 

We’ve conducted more primary research than any other vendor in the market, and combined it with our own tertiary-level dataset, to bring you the most accurate and detailed segmentation of the LV drives market available. Now in its 3rd edition, our enriched report gives you unparalleled in-depth market analysis and uncovers some really interesting future technology and market trends.

What's in the report?

The most rigorous and detailed dataset evaluating the global market for low voltage motor drives
Detailed market size and forecast data by form factor, performance, industry, and country – all compiled through extensive primary research
Tertiary level analysis – the statistical equivalent of 32 regional studies in one report
Supplier market shares by form factor and region (Americas, Rest of APAC, EMEA, Japan)
Comprehensive insight into key emerging trends

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