North American Market for Palletizers – Oct 2019

North American Market for Palletizers – Oct 2019

The market for Palletizers is growing fast in North America. As manufacturers are reaching for additional areas in their facilities to extend the benefits of automation, palletizing is being looked at as a low hanging fruit. This surge of new adoption is pushing growth of palletizer revenues far above the average of the broader machinery market. This growth is expected to bring new players into the supplier base as the competitive landscape experiences dramatic change in the short term. All of this is explored by palletizer type, region, and industry.

This report was produced to help those involved in palletizing make the case for business decisions, benchmark against competition, and discover where the strongest opportunities in the palletizer market lie. Our analyst team has built up an extensive knowledge of manufacturing, robotics, and warehouse automation – all of which was utilized to analyse the market for palletizers.

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