Off-Highway Vehicles – Feb 2021

Off-Highway Vehicles – Feb 2021

Detailed analysis and discussion on the off-highway vehicle market, including global vehicle powertrain forecast

“Right now is an incredibly exciting time for the global off-highway vehicle market. Despite a torrid 2020 due to COVID-19, unprecedented investment in new emission technologies is redefining the market and changing the way that machine builders, suppliers and machine operators think about the off-highway market.”

In this enriched and updated second edition of our popular off-highway vehicle market report, we outline a 10-year forecast for a wide range of equipment types and geographies, providing a clear market overview and analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We discuss key market electrification trends and illustrate trends and market growth forecasts for the construction sector, the material handling sector and our new area of analysis – agriculture vehicles.

What's in the report?

Robust, accurate and up-to-date market data analyzing the size of the global market for off-highway vehicles, the status of electrification, impact of emissions standards and the penetration rate of different powertrain types
Well-modelled forecasts up to 2028
Comprehensive discussion of key issues and trends, helping users prepare a strategy and roadmap for electrification
Detailed supplier landscape analysis is presented to understand the competitors, suppliers and potential partners.
86 pages of forecasts and analysis, supported by 348 output tables, to support your strategic decisions

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