Commercial Vehicles 24th October 2019

The Trend for Electrification of Logistics Vehicles Fleets – Executive Whitepaper

Alastair Hayfield
Alastair Hayfield
Senior Research Director – UK

Alastair has over 15 years’ experience leading research activities in scaled, high-growth industrial and technology markets. As Senior Research Director of our Commercial Vehicles Division, he’s responsible for cutting-edge research on electric trucks and buses, autonomous trucks and off-highway electrification.

Electrification generally is gaining traction around the world for a variety of reasons including government legislation and incentives; rapidly improving total cost of ownership (TCO) for electric vehicles (EVs); and the possibility to develop new business models.
Light duty last mile commercial vehicles are amongst the first to adopt alternative fuels in part because they use a ‘hub and spoke’ distribution model that is particularly well suited to the current level of technology in electrification, as well as the current state of the necessary infrastructure.

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