Warehouse Automation Service - May 2021

Warehouse Automation Service - May 2021

A deep dive into the unique warehouse automation after sales market

The warehouse automation services industry is a complex beast, covering critical after-sales services, troubleshooting, spares and repairs. Virtually all OEMs and integrators offer some form of lifecycle service. However, developing their capability beyond the basics needs a significant investment in manpower, training, and organization to achieve the dual benefits of customer satisfaction and revenue expansion. 

Players in this industry need a thorough analysis of the market – its demands, barriers, drivers and competitive landscape – if they are to stay above the competition, innovate and thrive.

What's in the report?

Well-modelled market size and forecast data, built-up from a bottom-up analysis, a top-down demand model and installed base model providing the most credible forecasts available today
Data from 30 warehouse automation vendors, representing half the global market, to produce a truly distinct report.
Detailed discussions of key issues based on 30+ hours of primary interviews with key stakeholders and warehouse automation vendors, unearthing insights that are not available anywhere else
Extensive PPT report, Excel Database and PowerBI dashboard, easily downloadable from the secure area of our website as soon as an order is placed

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