Warehouse Automation -Sep 2021

Warehouse Automation -Sep 2021

The most granular and holistic assessment of the warehouse automation market available today. 

“Warehouse automation revenues are forecast to grow from $29b in 2020 to just under $70b in 2025, growing with a CAGR of 18% during the forecast period. Whilst fixed automation solutions such as conveyors and AS/RS are expected to have modest double-digit growth during the forecast period, mobile robots will be the driving force underlying the phenomenal growth of the market”

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for more efficient and flexible supply chains, and warehouse automation technologies are proving to be a central part of this transition. Yet, while the overall market for warehouse automation is on a positive trajectory, we’re seeing transitions from legacy technologies to more flexible automation solutions on a massive scale.

To capitalize on the growth of the warehouse automation market, it’s more important than ever to know which regions and industries are adopting which technologies and at what rate.

Building on the success of our first two editions, this all-new 2021 report provides the most granular and holistic assessment of the warehouse automation market available today.

What's in the report?

Well-modelled market size and forecast data supported by primary data collected through in-depth interviews and data reported by suppliers to the market
Forecasts up to 2025 built through detailed models based upon surveys and macroeconomic data
Detailed discussions of key issues based on 40+ hours of primary interviews with leading vendors and industry stakeholders to obtain fresh and accurate insight
Extensive PPT report, Excel Database and PowerBI dashboard, easily downloadable from the secure area of our website as soon as an order is placed

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