Warehouse Building Stock Database

Warehouse Building Stock Database

An on-going analysis and model of warehouse buildings, footprint, and labor globally.

With vacancy rates at an all time low, the warehousing sector is booming. With the rise in e-commerce, along with the shift from ‘just-in-time’ to ‘just-in-case’ supply chains, warehouse vacancy rates are at an all time low. To this end, we forecast the global warehouse stock will increase from 163k facilities in 2021 to 214k, growing with a CAGR of 4.6%.

We’ve consolidated and analyzed more than 60 data sources including government statistics agencies, market reports from real estate providers, and company financials to provide the ONLY report that estimates global warehouse count, footprint, size, and labour demand. Furthermore, in collaboration with a global real estate investment fund, we’ve developed a proprietary model to predict the warehouse stock for markets with no reliable sources.

What's in the report?

Extensive data sets based on 40+ hours of primary research interviews and data from national manufacturing surveys
Extensive Excel database of warehouse data and forecasts in user-selectable pivot table format
Power BI dashboard – our web-based and downloadable data visualization tool to support your business intelligence

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