Warehouse Software - Dec 2022

Warehouse Software - Dec 2022

Having established ourselves as the leading the market intelligence provider in the warehouse automation market, we’re expanding our coverage to include warehouse software. Given our expertise in warehouse hardware and robotics, we’re able to provide a unique perspective on how we see the warehouse software landscape develop; especially as it pertains to trends in warehouse automation.

Our latest report provides a deep-dive analysis on the software used to manage and control automation including warehouse control systems (WCS), warehouse execution systems (WES), and robotic orchestration software. We also provide market data on the overall warehouse management system (WMS) market, albeit at a higher level.

What's in the report?

What is the addressable market for warehouse software?
What is the revenue, installed base and annual Go-Lives for different warehouse software products?
Which regions and verticals invest the most in warehouse automation software?
Who are the leading warehouse software providers across different software products?
How is automation changing the warehouse software landscape?
What are the key considerations end-customers have when selecting a warehouse software vendor?
What is a WES and how does it differ from a WCS and WMS?
Will warehouse automation and warehouse software vendors start to converge?

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